Pricing Benchmarking Study in Switzerland – Kick off


Today was the kick off for our latest project, a pricing benchmarking study in Switzerland. Together with the project leader, Michaela Eisele, a student at the Institute of Marketing and Managment at the University of Bern, we want to answer the following research questions:

– What is the state of the art of pricing in Swiss firms?
– What are the biggest pricing challenges?
– Is there an established pricing process in Swiss firms?
– Is there a position such as a chief pricing officer (CPO)?
– Are there any differences in pricing in different industries?
– How professional is the pricing in Swiss firms in general?
– …

In this study, we will conduct several in depth interviews with senior marketing officers of various Swiss firms. Based on the results, we will also carry out a large scale quantiative survey in order to generalize our results from the qualiative interview phase. First results of the pricing benchmarking study in Switzerland are expected for October 2007.

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About the author: Klaus Miller is PHD candidate and working as research assistant at the Institute of Marketing of the University of Bern

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