AMA Winter Educators´ Conference 2008 in Austin Texas


We will be presenting our latest paper on “When Can We Measure Willingness to Pay Directly? An Empirical Study on the Role of Consumers’ Involvement in the Direct Elicitation of Reservation Prices” at the AMA 2008 Winter Educators’ Conference from 15. – 18. February in Austin, Texas, USA. The overall acceptance rate for comeptitive papers dipped to 41% for the winter conference this year.

In this paper, we show that direct measurement methods of consumers` willingness to pay (WTP) elicit valid results, when consumers are highly involved in the underlying product or product category. This is an interesting finding, as the direct measurement approach can be a very cost and time effective approach to measuring consumers willingness to pay, especially in the case of new products or product innovations.

We will explore these findings further in our future research and hope to see you in Texas. Yeeeha!

PS: A two page summary of our paper will be published in the conference proceedings forthcoming in February 2008. Please contact us for further information.

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About the author: Klaus Miller is PHD candidate and working as research assistant at the Institute of Marketing of the University of Bern

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