CBC2WTP Tool is Online


As many readers have requested further information on the calculation of willingness to pay based on conjoint data, we have decided to make our little calculation tool freely available. Check it out here:

Choice Based Conjoint to Willingness to Pay Converter Tool

The tool is free and available as a beta version (v.1.1). Please leave a comment in case of any errors or questions.

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Author: Reto Hofstetter

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2 Responses to “CBC2WTP Tool is Online”

  1. Thomaas Haffner Says:

    Could you explain (or maybe you have already) or point me to the procedure to get the utility values for a CBC analysis? I still am missing that part of the general procedure.

    • soulrider Says:

      You can generate the utility data out of choice data using hierarchical bayes estimation. Software packages such as the one from Sawtooth (CBC HB) should do the job for you. You can then take use our online tool to generate individual willingness to pay values out of the utilities.

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